Future Memory Inc. is the brainchild of Galit Ariel, a tech futurist that was looking at more constructive and insightful ways to prepare for and shape our futures. 

Looking for like-minded people, the first cohort was founded in Toronto, linking tech and future savants that share different skills, but similar values and the intention to create positive tech futures. 

We are dreamers, makers, designers, hackers and thinkers. We bring extensive experience that was untainted by conventional thinking.



Founder & Head 

of futures

Vulcan 80%

Galit Ariel is a futurescaper and creative that explores the wild and imaginative side of immersive technologies and their impact on our cultures, behaviours and interactions. She is passionate about a future in which technology is integrated into everyday life but does not control it. 

Her career spans across various disciplines and industries, she is considered a thought-leader in emerging and bleeding-edge tech. Galit consults to international organizations and fortune 500 companies and is a notable speaker delivering keynotes and workshops at conferences and organizations such as TED, SXSW, Bell Labs, Accenture, The European Union and many more. 

Galit’s goal is to bridge the gap between digital, physical, and mental spaces to create tools and platforms that help people experience these worlds in new ways.




Interactive Futures

Made of Pixels 95%

Georgie Pinn is a creative thinker with a thirst for developing interactive and immersive concepts and experiences for social impact and creative exploration. From holographic ghosts for theatre to music videos, she has two decades of experience in directing, animating, UX, film and sound design.

Her creative practice is underpinned by her long-term research in how empathy and shared identity can be used as a creative force for making connections across cultural, age and gender divide.

Her work provides an opportunity for new forms of real-time multimedia expression and a unique platform for immersive kinetic learning. Georgie aims to diversify public interaction and democratise public space.



Development Lead

3-Dimentional 75%

Nimi Ariel is a 3D artist and developer that equally enjoys modelling animation, interactive applications and coding.

His passion lies in cross-platform and cross-interaction applications, that stretch the boundaries between 2D, 3D and physical spaces.