From primer talks to bespoke strategy-mapping, co-creation labs and creative projects, we ensure that you get exactly what you need so you can thrive and achieve the future you desire.

Futurescapes sessions.

We deliver talks and workshops that provide clear insights into bleeding-edge technologies and their everyday applications. Aimed at companies and organizations that wish to understand, implement, or develop future-facing practices.

tech futures.

A comprehensive introduction to emerging and bleeding-edge technologies from AI to quantum computing, biohacking and immersive tech. Helping teams to decipher high-end technology concepts and contextualize them within your relevant landscape, field, or industry.

future interactions.

Emerging technologies change the way we interact with data and the world. Looking at rituals and cultures of interaction adapted to ubiquitous and multi-sensory computing. How might this influence industry standard and practices within education, entertainment, services, work and retail.

The Future of identity.

What happens when we use digital tools to alter our presence in the real world, in real-time?
Explore how new concepts of gender, race and identity are evolving and transforming thanks to the introduction of new technologies and tools.

The future of spaces.

Gain early insights & tools into the future of spaces and spatial experience design. Looking at the overlap mental, physical and digital spaces, and how our behaviours will change within public, private and intimate spaces.

Strategic Roadmaps.

We help present and future tech leaders thrive by roadmapping emerging and bleeding-edge tech integration in their organizations. Applying a 360° outlook on technological and cultural influences to provide relevant tools and actionable solutions. We align with your needs and challenges, so you can reach for the low-hanging-fruits as well as for moonshot opportunities

Right here. right now.

A bespoke 'State of the Industry' report, analysing existing and near-future practices within your industry. Highlighting best of practice and cautionary tales that will help you in deciphering your opportunities and challenges.

Futures Roadmaps.

Analysing your organisation and goals, we help you create a strategic roadmap for applying emerging technologies. Looking at long-term skills and mindset shifts, as well as tools that will deliver short-term impact.

Speculative design tools.

We work with you to explore possible futures through creative tools and practices. Allowing you to pressure-test concepts and chart strategic paths to new products and audience.

Moonshot projects.

We help companies conceptualize and launch moonshot projects. We will take you to the moon and back! Or at least, help you chart the route, build the spaceship and get into orbit.

Creative labs. 

Through collaborative practices, we inject creative concepts and projects into your organization. Helping you to prototype tech-based tools and practices, to help you launch and support new concepts, products and reach new audiences.

Learn & play labs.

Through immersive and creative workshops, we embed your team with core concepts and tools in emerging and immersive technologies.

Work & play labs.

Looking at a specific challenge your organisation have we create bespoke workshops that hack your team's minds and creative superpowers. Including intro to tech tools, rapid prototyping and immersive ideation sessions.

Brain Labs.

Whether you require a problem-solving sprint or a marathon, we curate and facilitate collaborative think tanks that will give you the wildest, most innovative and hands-on solutions. 

Art/Tech projects.

There's nothing we love more than to roll up our sleeves and create impactful art-tech projects and engagging experiences.
Let's make some magic together!